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The Ultimate List to Survive as a Digital Nomad

    Imagine you have the freedom to work from anywhere you want. What would be that place?

    A lonely beach with turquoise waters on Ko Phi Phi island, a village hidden in pine-tree woods of the Alps or a small coffee shop at the heart of New York?

    Almost everyone would embrace the idea to work and travel around the world. Luckily, in today’s digital world, that’s not impossible. On the contrary, lots of people become digital nomads and find the work-travel balance that we all desire.


    What is a digital nomad?

    Digital nomads are people who work remotely and travel to different destinations. They work whenever and wherever they want – coffee shops, co-working spaces, libraries, beaches or mountain hills. To do that, they rely exclusively on technology and good internet connection.

    Digital nomads are not restricted by office rules, office space or working hours. They can have their own online business or work on multiple projects for different companies.

    If you plan to leave your 9-6 job and start a nomadic life, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve covered some of the main reasons to become a digital nomad as well as valuable tips on how to make the most of it.

    Benefits of becoming a digital nomad

    1. You can work from any point in the world
    2. Having the freedom to pack your bags and go to any place in the world, without leaving your work projects behind is inspiring. Digital nomads can tick off all the places on their bucket travel list and do what they love to fund their trips.

    3. You will become more productive and adaptable
    4. Let’s admit it – office work may be exhausting sometimes. The traffic jams, the fixed working hours and the long meetings often cause anxiety and kill motivation and creativity.

      As a digital nomad, you will work from different places and experience new worlds and cultures, which will inevitably widen your horizons and boost your motivation levels. It’s no secret that adventures are an unlimited source of creativity and you can use that to your advantage.

    5. You will have more time to travel and do what you love
    6. “So many destinations, so little vacation”- that’s what every travel addict with a full-time job thinks all the time. Fortunately, as a digital nomad, finishing work faster gives you more time to explore your surroundings, do the things you’re passionate about and spend more time with new friends or your loved ones.


    Tips for living as a digital nomad

    Living a life of a digital nomad sounds like a dream come true, but let’s be realistic for a moment – this kind of lifestyle has its ups and downs. Here are a few tips that will help you get ready.

    1. Figure out the way you’ll do your job
    2. Almost any job can be done remotely – marketing, design, web development, content writing, translation, accounting, etc. etc. You just need to be really good at what you do and find a way to do it completely online. There are many companies that offer remote jobs as well as websites for freelance projects, such as Fiverr and Upwork, but you can also set your own online business up.

      Whatever option you choose, make sure that you can make out a living of it in the long run.

    3. Make a budget
    4. Budget planning is a must for digital nomads. To create a successful budget, make sure to calculate your living and working expenses, the cost of travelling to each destination as well as the accommodation costs. Then, set clear goals for your earnings and always set some money aside for periods with inconsistent income.

      Keep in mind that your budget depends on the country you’re planning to visit. Make sure that you research all aspects of living, accommodation and transportation before embarking on the next adventure.

    5. Make sure you have good internet connection
    6. Digital nomads’ life is fueled by technology and you need to be well equipped with everything you need to be online most of the time. Not having an internet connection is not an excuse to miss a deadline or fail to attend an important meeting.

      To make sure you’ll always have an internet connection, consider buying a mobile hotspot device or a cell phone booster. Apart from that, it’s good to make a list with local places with public wi-fi services before you arrive.

    7. Get your finances in order
    8. As a digital nomad, you should find a secure way to receive payments for your completed projects. Besides, you will also need a debit card that is accepted worldwide and has no fees for international purchases.

      Here comes LeoPay! 

      With LeoPay, you can open a free online account with IBAN and plenty of features and services that makes managing your money a breeze. The online account comes with two free VISA debit cards which have no monthly/annual fees and a great mobile app which allows you to manage your money while on the move.

      You can sign up for a free LeoPay account here or check out the 10 reasons why you should choose LeoPay here.

    9. Get a travel health insurance
    10. Your health is still number one priority, so make sure to get solid health insurance which is valid in all the places you go.


    If the adventurous life sounds appealing to you, being a digital nomad may be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Just arm yourself with self-discipline and dedication, and follow your desire for adventures.