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How to be in two places at the same time

    Let’s face it, the advent of modern technologies has brought a host of life changing tools and systems that were designed to make our lives simpler and easier. However, more often than not, because of the increased ease and speed of the world in which we are living, it is easy to find yourself being spread too thin.

    It is becoming nearly impossible to be in all the places that you need to be and do all the things that you need to do. A lot of people wish that they had a clone of themselves to help share the load. But we have a slightly better idea.

    Say hello to the wonderous world of Twin Cards.

    With LeuPay, you can enjoy a second LeuPay card, absolutely free, with any new or existing LeuPay cards. This second card, or twin card if you will, give you the ability to share your financial functionality with anyone you choose.

    The LeuPay Twin Cards offer up a host of functional benefits that make running both your personal or business finances an absolute pleasure.

    – Share a common budget to make spend tracking a breeze.

    – Shop in multiple places at the same time. Saving you time and energy.

    – Allocate daily, weekly or even monthly allowances to control spending.

    – You can have multiple cards in different currencies, perfect if one of you are always on the go.

    So, the next time you feel that life is pulling you in too many directions, remember that with LeuPay, you’ve always got a Twin card ready and waiting.