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Couples who pay together, stay together

    Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows the pressure placed on them by friends and family alike to constantly be taking your relationship to the next level.

    It starts with simply holding hands, then a kiss on the cheek and before you know it, people are already talking about you and that someone special getting married, sharing a bank account and having kids.

    Along that path come a few steps that most couples make before “tying the knot”. Steps like moving in together, buying a pet or choosing furniture. But one of the steps that is so often overlooked or skipped completely is the creation, development and management of a shared budget.

    Not only does having a shared budget assist you in saving money, pooling resources and streamlining your financial life, it also just makes good sense. Two heads are better than one after all, especially when planning the next steps of your relationship.

    Combining two people’s financial lives can be a big commitment, especially when a relationship is new and untested. Both partners want to share a life together, yet both want to be sure that they are being protected, just in case Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong.
    It was this exact challenge that the brilliant minds at LeuPay wanted to overcome and led to them creating the perfect solution to any couple’s financial needs. The LeuPay Twin Cards.

    These identical cards allow couples the freedom and convenience of using a shared budget as well as the control to set spend limits and conditions to both of the cards. It is this freedom and security that gives any couple a solid foundation from which to grow and reach any relationship goal that they had in mind.

    While the cards are a perfect match to each other, they can be used separately and for different reasons. Perhaps one of you loves to do a little online shopping whilst the other prefers hitting the stores on the Highstreet. Now you can do both, even at the same time. Having each card being used for different functions helps keep your funds safe from fraud and makes performing your own purchases quick and easy.

    There are also the added benefits of having a second card in case one of you loses theirs and the ability to split the task of bill payments, helping you work better as a team.
    So if you are feeling ready and looking for a way to take the next step in sharing your life with your significant other, look no further and order the LeuPay Twin Cards today.