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Sending money abroad has never been easier, or more affordable

    For those of us who have a loved one, or a business partner living abroad in need of frequent fi-nancial support, sending money regularly can become a cumbersome and costly exercise very quickly.

    Fortunately, there is a solution, thanks to LeuPay’s incredibly affordable SEPA transfers, across a host of amazing European countries and at a rate as low as 3.00 Euro. Perhaps the best part is that there are no monthly or annual fees and absolutely anyone can open a LeuPay account. No proof of residency or European Citizen Status needed. This offers an opportunity for your family, friend or a business partner to open a free LeuPay account and exchange funds with them for just 0.10 Euro.

    With LeuPay, you can securely send funds to your friends or family, in over 10 different currencies, with just the touch of a button. These funds will reflect in your loved one’s account instantly, which they can then draw from any ATM using their LeuPay prepaid card.

    So, the next time you or a friend are looking to explore this wonderful world, make sure that you have your LeuPay accounts ready for all the adventures that life has to offer.