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Save hundreds of Euros from sending money home

    Let’s say you live and work in Germany and at least once a month you get to send some money back home. Even if you do it within the European Union, the transfer fees can rack up way faster than you might expect.
    On the average, an outgoing wire transfer from Germany would cost you between 8 and 15 Euro or even more depending on your bank. The recipient would most likely have to pay an additional inbound fee of at least 5 Euro. This means that for half a year the transfer fees alone can cost you up to more than 120 Euro.

    How can we go around it?
    Well, if you already have a LeuPay account you are half way there.
    Following the latest LeuPay update, you can order a second VISA card linked to your account for free! You can leave it at home and provide access to funds, all while keeping everything under control from your account. You can lock the card, restrict certain transactions or set spending limits in real time and from everywhere.

    But how much would it cost to deposit money to your LeuPay account?
    Let’s first say that you can use LeuPay everywhere within the European Union to get your salary paid into. If that’s your case, you have no inbound SEPA transfer fee from LeuPay, so you’d receive the full amount.
    If you have a conventional bank account and you want to transfer money to LeuPay, you’ve got two options. You can either wire money to your LeuPay Account which is free of charge on our end, or you can link your bank card and deposit money in real time for as little as 1% of the funding amount.

    No matter which road you take, you can easily reduce your transfer expenses by up to 10 times!

    Given that LeuPay has no service fees and offers a fair flat rate for ATM withdrawals, you can start providing for your family and save money at the same time.

    Ready to try it out? Set up your LeoPay account in minutes!