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The perfect weather for online shopping

    “Beast from the East” got us stuck at home and we got no option, but to make the best out of it. A delicious cup of hot chocolate and cosy relaxed atmosphere make the perfect setting to discover better and safer online shopping with LeuPay and LeuPay Wallet!

    What’s LeuPay Wallet?
    It’s a unique mobile wallet for Android and iOS, developed by LeuPay. Like most mobile wallets, it enables NFC payments from your Android device, but it also features the online shopper’s best friend – Virtual Cards.
    To get started with LeuPay Wallet, all you need is the free app and to confirm your identity in a short video chat. Once you’re ready, you simply deposit money to your account via bank transfer or with a debit/credit card and you’re ready to make contactless payments or to spend online with Virtual Cards!

    All users get one Virtual Card for free! Get the app to try it out now!

    Virtual cards
    Probably you’ve already heard about them and you were probably left wandering what exactly makes them so popular?
    Virtual cards are like any other payment card, but without the plastic. They’ve got a card number, card holder name and a CVC code. Therefore, they are used online the same way a conventional card is used. Unlike your payment card, however, it’s much easier and cheaper to use a virtual card, to get rid of it and to get a new one. Once you delete a virtual card, it cannot be used anymore and even if it’s been compromised, your money is safe.
    Virtual cards are perfect for payments on less reputable websites. It’s also a good idea to dedicate individual cards to different online subscriptions. So, even if a single virtual card is compromised, it won’t affect all of your online services.

    LeuPay VISA Card
    The LeuPay VISA is designed with safe and convenient online shopping in mind. You can lock the card for online transactions in real time from your account or the mobile app and you can also set a spending limit for online payments.
    With LeuPay, you can also get two VISA cards for free! This means that you can dedicate one for online payments and one for daily spending. Like this, no matter what, you’d always have access to your funds!

    Don’t have a LeuPay account? Sign up now!