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LeuPay is rolling out Live Chat and Voice OTP

    Today, life is moving way too fast. People are moving fast. Our cars and smartphones are getting faster and faster. It takes just a few seconds to send money to any point in the world.

    In the fast-paced world, there is no space for delays and we have this inner desire to get what we want when we want it.
    At LeuPay, we understand that well and do our best to give prompt answers to all questions and queries. But that isn’t enough! We want to be more connected. We want to be closer to you. That’s why we are rolling out a Live Chat on www.leupay.com

    Using the LeuPay Live Chat, you can chat directly with our team every time you need help or have questions. Our well-trained payment experts are ready to assist you with everything.
    Whether you have questions about setting up a LeuPay account or using any of the LeuPay features, go to the website and click on the small blue balloon at the bottom right corner. We are just one click away!

    And that’s not all! We have more good news!

    We added one more authentication method in your LeuPay account – it’s called Voice OTP.
    The Voice-based verification initiates a phone call to your mobile phone number for free. When you answer the call, you will hear the one-time passcode which you need to log in to your account or authorize a transaction.

    How to request the call?

    First, give a chance to the SMS to arrive. If you don’t receive it within 60 seconds, click on the link “Receive via call” and you will get a call. Answer and you will hear the one-time passcode, which you need to log in to your account or authorize a transaction. It’s that simple!
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