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LeuPay becomes LeoPay and introduces an all-new web platform

    A few years ago, LeuPay started as a small fintech project aimed at disrupting banking as we knew it.

    We believe it’s every person’s right to have access to instant and innovative financial services without boundaries, binding contracts and monthly fees. So, we used our experience and expertise to build innovative technology which enables individuals and businesses to pay, send and receive money instantly.

    Since the inception of LeuPay, we’ve strived to do more, to introduce new features and to improve our services. As time has gone by, we’ve become a family with over 200,000 members from different cultures and parts of the world, who live and breathe all things LeuPay. We’ve grown as strong as a lion pride.

    Now, seeking a more genuine connection with our multicultural family, we are embracing the name LeoPay!

    Strength, integrity and protection.

    These are the primary traits of lion prides and the core values that are at the heart of everything we do. The name LeoPay resonates with our multicultural audience and yet stays true to our brand identity and mission – to offer a simple, strong and secure way to pay and send money worldwide.

    With the name LeoPay, come many other great things. We are happy to announce that we’ve launched our revamped LeoPay web platform, which is packed with impressive new features and benefits.

    Here are just a few of them:

    • Fresh new look and better interface

    We took a modern approach to create a web platform with а truly user-friendly interface. Now you can focus on the most important thing – the easy management of your personal and business finances. For helpful videos to get you started check out our YouTube “How To” Playlist.

    • Payment Assistant which helps you make money transfers with ease

    The Payment Assistant is our latest feature, which can remember your transfer preferences as well as the names and account numbers of people you send money to. With the Payment Assistant, you will be able to make quicker and easier worldwide money transfers. The Payment Assistant is available straight from your Dashboard, so you can make a transfer immediately after logging in!

    • Free money transfers between LeoPay users

    Say goodbye to transfer fees when sending money to your LeoPay friends! From now on all transfers between LeoPay Personal users are absolutely free of charge! And they’ll receive it instantly – no waiting, no fees.


    And this is just the beginning! More great things are on their way, so keep an eye out!