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Introducing the LeoPay Payment Assistant. What is it and how does it work?

    In a world where the demand for instant results is seeping into every aspect of our lives, people expect the same speed and convenience when they send someone a text and when they send money. And while not long ago, instant money transfers were just a utopian idea, today fintech companies like LeoPay are reinventing the way we transfer money.

    With the new LeoPay account, we aimed at adapting to the shifts in consumer behavior when it comes to transfers. What’s more, we wanted to find a way to provide greater convenience to everyone sending money through LeoPay.

    This is how the Payment Assistant was born.

    a laptop showing LeoPay New Account DesignWhat is the Payment Assistant?

    The Payment Assistant is part of our all-new LeoPay web platform which went live a few days ago. It appears as a white search bar on your dashboard and on the Transfers page, but it’s much more than that.
    The payment assistant provides a more intuitive experience by guessing your needs and making suggestions about to whom you want to send money. Although the Payments Assistant deploys smart technology, it’s quite simple to use.

    When you send a money transfer for the first time, whether to a bank account or another LeoPay user, the Payment Assistant will remember the details. The next time you want to send money to the same person, just start typing in his name, account number or telephone number and the Assistant will give you a suggestion for the transfer. You’ll avoid filling out the same information all over again, but still have a choice to edit the transfer details if needed.

    In addition to that, the Payment Assistant allows you to add favourites, so you have even quicker access to the list with people you often send money to.

    Here are the key advantages that you can enjoy thanks to the Payments Assistant:

    • Easier and smarter way to send money to anyone
    • Intuitive experience and help every step of the way
    • Less time dealing with the hassle of filling out transfer details

    Try the Payment Assistant now and discover a smarter way to send money. Learn how to use Payment Assistant in our short video:

    Have questions? We’re just an email away, so get in touch with us at hello@leupay.eu.