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How to keep your teen happy and active during summer vacation

    School is out and the long summer vacation is here!

    Parents start wondering how to make the summer more enjoyable for their kids and keep them occupied at the same time. Summer is a great time for teens to relax, have some fun but it’s also an opportunity for parents to help them learn some life skills and create good habits for the upcoming school year.

    Check out our handy list with activities that will keep your teens healthy, active and happy during the long summer vacation.

    Encourage your teen to get active every day

    Stimulate your kid to involve in various physical activities. Whether riding a bike for 5 km per day or participating in group sports, teens should find a way to focus their energy. What’s more, sports activities will help them stay healthy, deal with anger and anxiety, and develop their social skills further.

    Make the summer holiday eventful

    Kids of all ages love concerts. From performances of music bands to meetings with popular teen idols or social media influencers, there’s always something interesting going on in the summer. Another few good ideas are theaters, music festivals, hiking tours оr even a Sunday picnic with family and friends.


    Let them use electronics in a healthy way

    Teens love playing computer games and surfing online, and live and breathe all things social media. Allow them the freedom to choose how they spend time online but set rules for the summer vacation. Discuss and agree on the time limits for social media use with your kid or plan as many interesting activities as possible to limit the time they spend online. Don’t forget to be a role model for your kids and spend less time on your phone.

    Allow time with friends

    Spending time with friends is very important for teens. That’s why you should encourage them to invite friends over and go out. Keeping in touch with friends will help them build meaningful relationships and improve their social and communication skills. They will grow more confident and outgoing.

    Give teens the freedom that they need

    Teens see themselves as adults and want to make autonomous decisions. They have own interests, and you should give them have the independence to pursue their hobbies and passions. Don’t ask for anything in return – on the contrary, support them and you will soon see the positive impact on the relationship with your kid and the home atmosphere.

    Teach teens about budgeting

    Summer vacation is an ideal time to teach teens how to spend money wisely and help them develop good spending habits. You can give them the opportunity to manage their own money and the freedom to learn from their own experiences. On one hand, they will feel independent and happy; on the other hand, you will know how they are using their budget.

    How to do that?

    Cash is not an option as you cannot track how your teen spends the money. Here comes LeuPay!

    You can order a pair of free LeuPay VISA Twins and give one to your kid. Set a daily budget of your choice and keep a close eye on the purchases and payments via your LeuPay account or the mobile app. You will know exactly where your money goes and your kids will feel free and happy because you see them as grown-ups who can manage their own money.

    It’s a win-win!