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How to keep your card details safe

    Keeping your card details safe is paramount in a world where cyber criminals and fraudsters are getting more inventive and bolder when it comes to retrieving personal information, including card and bank account details.

    Here are a few handy tips that will help you keep your card safe at all times.

    Don’t share your card details with anyone

    Easy one, isn’t it? Think twice! How many times you took a photo of the front and the back of your debit or credit card and sent it to your girlfriend to book a hotel for your weekend gateway? The chances are most of us have sent their card number and CVC code via Messenger or another chat app at least once.

    Well, be sure to avoid doing that again. By sharing unencrypted information over the internet, you give fraudsters your debit card details on a silver platter.

    Don’t let your card out of your sight 

    People tend to leave their card in public places when they pay the bill at a restaurant or make purchases at shops, making it easy for anyone to capture their card information. Next time when you use your card, make sure to take it back and place it in your wallet as soon as possible, without leaving it out in public.

    Keep track of your card transactions

    At LeoPay, we have a monitoring team, responsible for detecting suspicious transactions and preventing fraud attempts, but it’s a good idea to keep a close eye yourself.

    Aside from reviewing your transaction history, you can enable push, SMS and email notifications for every transaction made with your card. This way you will get notified every time your card is used and you will be able to respond to fraud attempts immediately.

    Report lost or stolen card immediately

    If your card goes missing or has been stolen, don’t waste a moment and disable all transactions with the card straight away. You can lock your LeoPay VISA card from your web account or via the mobile app in a second. This way even if someone steals your card, they cannot make any payments or withdraw cash. Your money stays fully protected.

    As soon as you’ve locked your LeoPay VISA, call us on 0044 20 3129 0935. We will terminate the stolen card and issue a replacement as soon as possible.

    Https is safer than http

    You may have noticed that some website URLs start with https://, while others with http://.  The “S” at the end of https:// stands for secure and shows that you’re browsing using a secure connection. This means that the information sent between your browser and the website is encrypted. So, make sure to check you are on a secure website before filling out your debit card details to complete a purchase.

    Keep these simple tips in mind and remember that we’re here for you! If you have a suspicion about card fraud, get in touch with us immediately.