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Join the “LeuPay” pride

    There is nothing quite like being part of a family. Yes, brothers and sisters may borrow your things, aunts and uncles may embarrass you from time to time and quite often all family members can drive you a little crazy. But the understanding, unbreakable bonds and shared experiences, that only a family can give, are something truly special.

    Which is why Family Day’s so important. It is a celebration of unity, understanding and above all, unconditional love. It is a day when you get the chance to show your loved ones just how special and appreciated they truly are. It is a chance to spend quality time with one another and an opportunity to share thoughts on what your future as a family should look like.

    And with the right planning, the future can look as wonderful and bright as you can imagine. That’s where we come in.

    At LeuPay, we are all about family. We are happy to say that our lion pride has vastly grown over the recent months and each member can benefit from the intelligent finance, e-wallet and card services we offer. We’re always looking for new ways to suit the needs of everyone in our pride – from parents to their little ones.

    When you have your family’s finances all in one place, creating a shared budget becomes instantly more manageable. It makes seeing the bigger picture easier and planning for the future more achievable.

    You can quickly and easily create cards for everyone in the family who you want to have access to funds. Each card can be linked to an individual or shared IBAN and strict controls can be set in place to control spending. This is a great way to educate children about how finances work and the responsibility that comes managing your own funds (Under your supervision of course).

    With LeuPay Wallet you can even create sub-accounts to teens and give them a way to feel independent, while paying with their smartphones.

    So, the next time that you are looking for a way to engage the whole family in everyday activities, consider joining our LeuPay pride!