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How to open a LeuPay account – do’s and don’ts

    A few years ago, opening a bank account was related to trips to the bank and endless printed forms to read and sign. We spent hours waiting in line and dealing with paperwork. And that was so annoying!

    Luckily, with the rise of fintech, trips to the bank branch became a thing of the past. Now, you don’t even need to sign a contract with a bank to open an account and manage your personal and business finances.

    With LeuPay, you can bypass banks and save yourself a ton of paperwork and monthly charges. Opening a LeuPay account is done completely online and takes only 6 minutes. And it’s free!

    Check out our list with the do’s and don’ts when you open an account with LeuPay.


    • Have your laptop and mobile phone with you

    You’ll need your computer to complete the online registration at leopay.eu. Make sure to fill in all fields and enter the SMS code which you’ll receive on your mobile phone. We’ll then send you an email with a confirmation link as well as further guidelines.

    • Prepare your national ID document or international passport

    You’ll need your ID document to confirm your identity and ownership of the account during the short video identification chat via the LeuPay mobile app. Depending on your country you may need a specific document. You can check our FAQ section.

    • Complete the quick video identification chat

    As a PCI- DSS certified e-money platform, we’re legally obliged to verify your identity when creating your LeuPay account.  All you need to do is download the LeuPay mobile app and start a live call with an operator from our team. We’ll ask you a few quick questions in less than 5 minutes.

    • Provide some additional documents if needed

    In specific instances, when you open an account, we will ask you to provide additional documents to complete the verification. Business accounts will definitely be contacted by our team by email. You can upload the requested documents in your web account. Doing that as soon as possible will help avoid any delays with your verification.


    • Don’t authorise random people to open your account

    Do not allow other people to open a LeuPay account in your name unless that person is a legal representative of your business. If someone offers you to create a personal account in your name and asks you to wire money to them for a deposit – don’t trust them. That may be a malicious attempt to obtain your personal information and misappropriate funds. Also we do not require any additional deposit for your account.

    If another company uses our brand name or any of our services in their offering, make sure to cross-check if they’re an official partner with LeuPay. The easiest way to do it is by contacting us at hello@leopay.eu. We’ll be happy to help!


    • Don’t trust other people with your account information

    The only way to open an account at LeuPay is by visiting our website at leopay.eu. Once you receive your account details and password, don’t share them with anyone else.

    If you want to grant access to your employees or accountant, there is an easy and secure way to do that, without compromising sensitive information. Just log in to your account, go to menu Multi-user access and set up individual rights for each user with just a few clicks.


    Now, let’s summarise the steps to open an account with LeuPay:

    1. Go to leopay.eu and complete the registration.
    2. Confirm your email address.
    3. Download the LeuPay mobile app from Google Play or App Store to complete the 5-minute video chat.
    4. Our team will verify your registration (it may take from 15 min to 1 business day) or will contact you for additional documents.

    That’s all! You are now ready to use LeuPay to spend, send and receive money 24/7, without hassle and monthly service fees.