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Freelancers! There is a better way to get paid

    Would you like to earn money working from home? Do you have a skill that people would be willing to pay for? Becoming a freelancer is the answer. There are a number of reasons why more and more people are choosing to do just that. It can fit in around your day job, if you only want to earn a little extra money. Starting a freelance business doesn’t cost a lot. As soon as you find a client you can start straight away, and it allows for greater independence and flexibility.

    What Kind of Work Can You Do as a Freelancer?

    Almost any kind of service can be provided on a freelance basis. However, there are a number of more common freelance jobs. For example:

    • Writer
    • Web designer
    • Web developer
    • Virtual assistant
    • Accountant or bookkeeper
    • Marketing services
    • HR services
    • PR services

    What You Need to Get Started

    Of course, you’re going to need a skill you can offer to clients, but apart from that there are a number of other things you need to consider.
    Business plan – this will outline the services you’ll be providing and give details of your marketing strategy
    Website – you want potential clients to be able to find out about your services and provide them with examples of the excellent work you can do
    Social media profile – this can be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

    Aside from these three things you’re also going to need a reliable way to handle the money side of things.

    The Challenges You Have to Face

    For thousands of people, becoming a freelancer or digital nomad is a dream scenario. However, there are a number of challenges you’ll be facing along the way.

    It can take a long time to build up to a full-time income, and the work will often be irregular.

    A certain amount of organisational prowess will be required, as you’ll be managing multiple clients and projects.

    In the beginning, the pay you can expect to receive may well be low.

    One of the biggest hurdles is finding a reliable way to make and receive payments. Dealing with clients that are located in a variety of countries, who want to pay in different currencies can make it even more difficult.

    This is where LeoPay comes in!

    What LeoPay Can Offer Freelancers

    LeoPay is an online e-money platform that allows you to receive and transfer money anywhere in the world. It is a global alternative to using the traditional banking system and suits a range of different types and size of business. It’s an efficient and secure way to manage the money side of your freelancing business.

    An account can be opened for your freelance business, free of charge, and you get accounts with dedicated IBANs in 10 major currencies. This allows you the freedom to accept payments from your clients in their local currency.

    Unlike a regular bank account there are no minimum income requirements along with no subscription or monthly/annual fees. Unlike a number of other online solutions and mobile banking apps, there are no fees if you choose not to use your LeoPay account and services for a while.

    To make it even easier for you keep track of your freelancing income and payments and manage your money 24/7 from any point of the world, we’ve designed a mobile app for Android and iOS that you can download.

    If you’re about to embark on a new freelancing venture here’s wishing you all the best. If you’ve been doing it for a while and are looking for a better solution to receive payments LeoPay could be what you’re looking for.