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What’s the Difference between Prepaid, Credit Cards and Debit Cards?

Last updated on October 1, 2018 It’s quite likely these three have already left you wondering how they’re different. And which one is the right one for you? If these questions keep coming around, read on. Before diving into the differences, we should mention that any of these cards can have the logo of Mastercard,Read more

Current Account without a Bank

Banks generally make things easier. However, we all got reasons to be looking for a life without them. Be it the clunky administration, the unnecessary fees racking up or the constant upselling. No matter how you came to the breaking point, you must be asking yourself – what do I actually lose if I leaveRead more

Couples who pay together, stay together

Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows the pressure placed on them by friends and family alike to constantly be taking your relationship to the next level. It starts with simply holding hands, then a kiss on the cheek and before you know it, people are already talking about you and thatRead more

Save hundreds of Euros from sending money home

Let’s say you live and work in Germany and at least once a month you get to send some money back home. Even if you do it within the European Union, the transfer fees can rack up way faster than you might expect. On the average, an outgoing wire transfer from Germany would cost youRead more

Find the perfect Christmas gift with LeuPay and GiftCards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we are impatiently counting down the days left until Christmas. Along with all that holiday cheer, however, here comes one question that bothers most of us (especially the procrastinators) – what Christmas gifts to buy for my loved ones? Let’s admit it! Shopping Christmas presents atRead more

How to be in two places at the same time

Let’s face it, the advent of modern technologies has brought a host of life changing tools and systems that were designed to make our lives simpler and easier. However, more often than not, because of the increased ease and speed of the world in which we are living, it is easy to find yourself beingRead more

5 Shopping tips to get ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is only a few days away. We can already feel the shopping excitement in the air. But while for some people Black Friday is a long-awaited holiday feast of amazing discounts and exclusive deals; for others it’s just another crazy and exhausting day. No matter which category you fall into, we’ve put togetherRead more

E-money and its key benefits

Modern technologies change everything and money is not an exception. The digitalization of financial services is on the rise and people are quickly adopting new ways to pay. Cash is losing its positions as the predominant payment method, being replaced by e-money which is gaining increasing popularity among people. But what is e-money? And whyRead more