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Should we ditch cash for good? 5 reasons card and mobile payments are better

The idea of a cashless society is growing rapidly in popularity bringing up questions like ‘Is cash dead?’ and ‘Are we on the brink of a cashless world?’. Well, the truth is we are not, or at least not yet. But with the rise of contactless payments, debit cards and mobile apps, cash will soonRead more

What are recurring payments and how they can help you save time and effort

Let’s say you have to pay your rent on the first day of the month. Usually, you set a reminder 1-2 days before the due date. Then, you simply go to your online banking and send the money. Chances are the payment just slips your mind. We know what comes next – another unpleasant argumentRead more

3 Reasons to order a second LeoPay VISA card

How many times have you found yourself wishing you had another debit card? Perhaps you wanted to find a better way to manage your monthly budget, or you might have wanted to shop at a different location from your partner and buy them something special. There are several reasons why a second debit card wouldRead more

Enter our exclusive Twitter contest and win cool prizes

At LeoPay, we love games and we believe you do too. So, we are excited to announce that it’s Twitter Contest Time and we invite everyone to join the LeoPay logo hunting. How do you enter? Look at the below picture – How many LeoPay logos do you see?   Now, look again – weRead more

What are the main advantages of internet banking?

E-banking, online banking, internet banking. We call it differently but we mean the same thing – the ability to manage your money over the internet, without the need to visit a bank branch and deal with paperwork. If someone asks us to describe online banking in three words, they will be freedom, convenience and security.Read more

What are IBAN, SWIFT and BIC codes?

Last updated on August 23, 2018 Do you send money to friends and family overseas? Or maybe you work with foreign clients and often receive payments from abroad? If so, you’ve probably heard the terms IBAN and BIC. Yet, if you are not familiar with their meaning, read on to learn more.   What does IBANRead more

LeuPay becomes LeoPay and introduces an all-new web platform

A few years ago, LeuPay started as a small fintech project aimed at disrupting banking as we knew it. We believe it’s every person’s right to have access to instant and innovative financial services without boundaries, binding contracts and monthly fees. So, we used our experience and expertise to build innovative technology which enables individualsRead more

How to teach your child the value of money in 3 easy steps

With summer vacation coming up, parents are already thinking of ways to control their kids’ spending through the care-free days. The truth is that summer vacation also provides a great opportunity to teach your children the value of money, the importance of keeping an eye on spending and that with freedom of choices come responsibilities.Read more

Join the “LeuPay” pride

There is nothing quite like being part of a family. Yes, brothers and sisters may borrow your things, aunts and uncles may embarrass you from time to time and quite often all family members can drive you a little crazy. But the understanding, unbreakable bonds and shared experiences, that only a family can give, areRead more

3 Destinations to Visit around Easter

Easter can easily be described as one of the most colourful holidays one can experience in Europe. With many different traditions and events related to the holiday, packing a suitcase and setting your sights on a foreign city to explore seems like the natural thing to do. But before booking those last-minute plane tickets youRead more