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Should we ditch cash for good? 5 reasons card and mobile payments are better

The idea of a cashless society is growing rapidly in popularity bringing up questions like ‘Is cash dead?’ and ‘Are we on the brink of a cashless world?’. Well, the truth is we are not, or at least not yet. But with the rise of contactless payments, debit cards and mobile apps, cash will soonRead more

piggy bank

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Save You Money

As 2018 is coming to end, most of us tend to look back and take stock of all the things they haven’t accomplished. But instead of dwelling on failures and goals we haven’t completed, let’s turn a new page and make a list with resolutions for 2019. Figuring out what financial plans to put onRead more

How to save money this Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – but not for your budget.  The long list with presents and the crazy holiday shopping can burn a hole in your pocket. As financial and money experts and huge fans of the winter holidays, we know a thing or two about saving money without killingRead more

Top 10 Holiday Travel Destinations

The holiday season is here! We can feel the Christmas cheer everywhere – at the office, on high street and on television. Soon, most of us will return to their hometowns for the long-awaited family reunion and another portion of Hallmark Christmas movies. But if you want to escape the ordinary and embark on yourRead more

The Ultimate List to Survive as a Digital Nomad

Imagine you have the freedom to work from anywhere you want. What would be that place? A lonely beach with turquoise waters on Ko Phi Phi island, a village hidden in pine-tree woods of the Alps or a small coffee shop at the heart of New York? Almost everyone would embrace the idea to workRead more

5 gift ideas for gamers

Black Friday is the perfect time to tick off your Christmas shopping list and save some money at the same time. If you have someone with a passion for games in the family or among your friends, you probably feel overwhelmed – picking the right gift for a gamer can be quite stressful for someoneRead more

What’s the real history of Black Friday?

The largest shopping event of the year is almost upon us. Consumers are gearing up for shopping and splurging on anything, from electronics to fashion apparel. But why is it called “Black Friday”? How did it get its name? Most people aren’t familiar with the real story of Black Friday. The popular belief is thatRead more

8 Black Friday shopping tips

Not too much happens in November to get excited about, however, there is something to look forward to if you love to shop. Black Friday takes place this year on November 23rd and it’s a day when you can expect to find tasty deals on the High Street and online. If you want to takeRead more

10 good reasons to choose LeoPay

In life, we are often at a crossroads. Which way to take? Which job to choose? Which banking app is the right fit for our personal and business finances? With plenty of banking options out there, it may be tough to decide which is the right one for you.   Here’s a list of 10Read more

Top 6 travel apps for your next trip

If you are a travel addict (like most of us here at LeoPay), the chances are that you’ve downloaded a raft of apps to help you during your trips. But how many of them you actually use? We’ve asked around and put together a list with the top 6 apps which are essential for everyRead more