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Check credit score online

What is a credit score in the UK and how can you improve it?

What is a credit score? The credit score, also known as a credit rating, is something that usually scares people off. Most people see it as the “bad guy” who keeps them from getting good credit or lower interest rate on credit cards and loans. Indeed, your credit score may look like the bad guy,Read more

SEPA Transfers Explained

What is a SEPA payment? SEPA stands for Single European Payments Area and marks a major milestone in the harmonisation of the European payments landscape. The SEPA payment initiative was driven by the European institutions with a single goal – to enable people and businesses to send and receive cross-border transfers in euro as easilyRead more

How to keep your card details safe

Keeping your card details safe is paramount in a world where cyber criminals and fraudsters are getting more inventive and bolder when it comes to retrieving personal information, including card and bank account details. Here are a few handy tips that will help you keep your card safe at all times. Don’t share your cardRead more

Freelancers! There is a better way to get paid

Would you like to earn money working from home? Do you have a skill that people would be willing to pay for? Becoming a freelancer is the answer. There are a number of reasons why more and more people are choosing to do just that. It can fit in around your day job, if youRead more

LeuPay becomes LeoPay and introduces an all-new web platform

A few years ago, LeuPay started as a small fintech project aimed at disrupting banking as we knew it. We believe it’s every person’s right to have access to instant and innovative financial services without boundaries, binding contracts and monthly fees. So, we used our experience and expertise to build innovative technology which enables individualsRead more

LeuPay teams up with e-Residency to power global expansion for businesses

At LeuPay we believe that banking (and a world!) without borders is possible. And with our services, we not only make people’s lives easier, but we also drive the transformation towards a digital world in which money and ideas move freely across borders. As a pioneer in the banking sector, we are always looking toRead more

Man opening LeuPay

How to open a LeuPay account – do’s and don’ts

A few years ago, opening a bank account was related to trips to the bank and endless printed forms to read and sign. We spent hours waiting in line and dealing with paperwork. And that was so annoying! Luckily, with the rise of fintech, trips to the bank branch became a thing of the past.Read more

How to keep your teen happy and active during summer vacation

School is out and the long summer vacation is here! Parents start wondering how to make the summer more enjoyable for their kids and keep them occupied at the same time. Summer is a great time for teens to relax, have some fun but it’s also an opportunity for parents to help them learn someRead more

Business current account for €0/mo?

Yes, it’s true. You can separate your personal from business finance for just €0/mo. How come? What do you get and what do you have to put up with? Let’s find out. What’s a business current account? Business and personal current accounts have very similar features. They both let you park your money and grantRead more

LeuPay se convierte en LeoPay y presenta una plataforma web completamente nueva

Hace unos pocos años, LeuPay comenzó como un pequeño proyecto de tecnología financiera pensado para cambiar la banca tal y como la conocíamos. Creemos que todas las personas tienen el derecho a acceder a servicios financieros instantáneos e innovadores sin limitaciones, contratos vinculantes ni comisiones mensuales. Por ello, utilizamos nuestra experiencia y conocimientos para construirRead more