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5 gift ideas for gamers

    Black Friday is the perfect time to tick off your Christmas shopping list and save some money at the same time.

    If you have someone with a passion for games in the family or among your friends, you probably feel overwhelmed – picking the right gift for a gamer can be quite stressful for someone who has never played a computer game. That’s why we’ve made a list of gifts which (almost) every gamer would love to get for Christmas.

    Read on to find the perfect gift for the gamer on your list.

    1. A gaming headset

    The gaming headset is key to an immersive gaming experience. A good gaming headset is light and so comfortable you can wear it for hours. Essentially, it comes with great features like built-in microphone, noise cancelling and in-line controls, which allow you to adjust the volume and the game/chat audio split while playing!

    If you are looking for a headset for a PC, a wired one is a good choice. However, if the gamer on your list prefers playing on consoles, go for a wireless headset.

    Many wireless models can connect to both PCs and gaming consoles and the most advanced models even boast a dual battery system – this means that you can use them wirelessly or plugged while they charge.

    Keep in mind that durability and quality are essential. Cheap headset models with low-quality plastic parts and thin cables don’t last long.


    2. A gaming mouse

    If you think standard and gaming mice are pretty much the same, you’re wrong! The mouse can make a big difference for a gamer’s performance, so you should choose wisely.

    Wired, laser mice are preferred by most gamers as they ensure fluid motion and give the best performance. Other things to look out for are additional buttons on each side of the mouse, DPI and polling rates.

    The extra buttons are very useful because they can be customised to perform different functions in the game.  When it comes to DPI and polling rates – go for a mouse with polling rates around 500 Hz and higher DPI for a more precise movement.

    Types of gaming mice you should know

    • Fast and basic shooter mice
    • This is the most common type of gaming mouse and a good pick for a present. Shooter mice use a left button-mouse and a wheel-right button setup and feature two to three thumb buttons.

    • MOBA/MMO mice
    • This type of mice boasts all common design elements as well as extra buttons which will serve you well on your battle journey.

    • Mice for left-handed gamers
    • You can find a few left-handed models on the market, as well as the so-called “ambidextrous mice” which can be used by both left and right-handed gamers.

    • Hybrid mice
    • The hybrid mice are flexible enough to work with any game genre and combine features of all available mice types.


      3. A gaming keyboard

      The standard keyboards are ideal for writing emails and typing documents but when it comes to gaming, you should definitely buy a mechanical keyboard. Тhe mechanical keys are durable and can stand up heavy use. A good mechanical keyboard can last for years and ensures efficiency and accuracy that the well-known membrane keyboards cannot provide.

      Six-key rollovers, handy media controls, customisation options and a comfy wrist rest will definitely help your gamer dominate the play.


      4. A gaming controller

      The gaming controller offers a new way to experience PC games. There are many options available on the market, but you better choose one which is compatible with gaming consoles and can be easily set up for PC gaming too.

      Other features to look out for are:

      • Wireless connection and long battery life
      • Customised key options
      • Comfort and durability
      • Good buttons response rate and triggers


      5. The latest video games

      You can get even more creative and surprise your gamer by purchasing a game or a gift card for a gaming website. Most gaming platforms, such as GoG.com, Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, offer that option.

      All you need to do is register, choose a game and enter the email address of the person you want to send a gift to. There are detailed instructions on how to purchase a game and you can find really good deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


      We hope you are feeling a little less stressed about picking the perfect gift for the gamer on your list.

      Now, get ready for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping spree and don’t forget your LeoPay VISA.