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3 Reasons to order a second LeoPay VISA card

    How many times have you found yourself wishing you had another debit card? Perhaps you wanted to find a better way to manage your monthly budget, or you might have wanted to shop at a different location from your partner and buy them something special. There are several reasons why a second debit card would come in handy, so let’s look at some advantages.

    The Benefits of Having Two LeoPay Visa Cards

    1. Overseas Travel

    If you’re a frequent traveller overseas you can avoid carrying cash by opening an account in the local currency and ordering a card linked to that account. This way you can pay fast and securely at shops and tourist attractions anywhere in the world, without any charges. Paying by card is much safer and even if you happen to lose your card, you can quickly lock it in the app and save yourself the trouble of disputing unauthorised transactions.

    2. Splitting a Budget

    When there are two people working and paying money into an account it can make budgeting difficult. Use the LeoPay VISA Twin cards and you can easily share a single budget with your better half.

    3. Control Your Teens Spending

    As your kids get older it’s important you provide them with opportunities to learn about managing their money. Teenagers, in particular, would benefit from having access to money, but at the same time you have control over their spending by setting custom spending limits and adjust as needed.

    The Features of Twin VISA Cards

    It’s possible to provide each card with its own daily, weekly, or monthly allowance, as well as setting maximum amounts for a single transaction. The cards can be in one of the following currencies: Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars, Bulgarian Lev, Swiss Francs, Romanian Leu, Czech Koruna, Icelandic Krona or Croatian Kuna.
    When it comes to security, the LeoPay VISA is equipped with everything you need to keep your money protected. Each of the Twin cards can be individually locked in the app or via the LeoPay web account. Point of Sale, ATM or online transactions can also be restricted allowing you greater control over your payments. Plus, if you want to keep track of your transactions, you can get regular updates via SMS, email notifications or push.

    The LeoPay Mobile App

    Our fast-paced world makes it vital to keep track of your spending. With the LeoPay mobile app you can check your account balance, monitor card spending and limits, and keep a look out for any payments you might be expecting. Wherever you happen to be, you can stay in tune with every movement.

    If you like the idea of opening an account and getting two completely free VISA cards, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. If you’ve already got an account, log in to order a second card today. It makes perfect sense.