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10 good reasons to choose LeoPay

    In life, we are often at a crossroads.

    Which way to take? Which job to choose? Which banking app is the right fit for our personal and business finances?

    With plenty of banking options out there, it may be tough to decide which is the right one for you.

    Here’s a list of 10 reasons why you should choose LeoPay


    1. No monthly fees or hidden costs
    2. Many mobile-only banks have a subscription fee. Compared to them, LeoPay has no monthly or annual fees and we don’t charge any setup fees for the account. It’s as simple as that – if you don’t use the LeoPay account and the services that come with it, you don’t pay any fees. 

      Check out the below table to get an idea of the fees that we charge:


    3. 100% online registration. No paperwork.
      Say goodbye to paperwork! You can open a LeoPay account from any place with an internet connection and all you need is your ID or passport, a laptop and your smartphone – things that we carry with us all the time.

      Signing up is very easy and takes minutes. Get started now at leopay.eu.


    5. Speed, ease and value
      LeoPay was built to be simple, strong and secure. We believe everyone should have the ability to bank without bank bureaucracy. That’s why we make it as easy as possible to open an account and use our services.  We don’t have any requirements for а minimum account balance or check your credit history.


    7. One LeoPay account – many currencies
      Queueing for hours just to open an account in a new currency? Been there, done that!

      With LeoPay, you can open accounts in 10 currencies – EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, JPY, RON, PLN, BGN, CZK, HRK – through your web account or via the app, quickly and worry-free.



    9. No fees for spending with your LeoPay VISA

      The LeoPay VISA debit card is the perfect companion for your travels and shopping sprees. There aren’t any service fees or charges on POS and online payments with the card. You can even get an extra LeoPay VISA for free and share a common budget with your better half or control your child’s spending.


    11. 24/7 access on the move

      The LeoPay app allows you to make bank transfers, set spending limits and check your balance and payments history when you’re on the move. It’s available for Android and iOS users and comes with everything you need to manage your money on the go.


    13. Stay in control

      If you like staying in total control of your money, LeoPay gives you plenty of options to do that. You can lock and unlock your LeoPay VISA, turn on/off certain types of transactions and keep an eye on your account balance – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    15. 24/7 support

      We use technology to serve our customers’ needs, but we care about people and understand the importance of human interaction. There are real people here who are ready to help and answer any questions you may have. You can reach them by email, telephone or via our live chat.


    17. Rock-solid security

      LeoPay is PCI DSS certified, or in other words, we comply with the highest security standards. Apart from the breakthrough technologies and processes that we use, we also have a monitoring team who keeps your personal data safe and deals with fraud attempts.


    19. Send money around the world instantly. For free!
      If you and your friend both have LeoPay Personal accounts, you can send money to each other instantly and completely free of charge, no matter where around the world you are.

      There you have it – 10 good reasons to choose LeoPay. If you are ready to give it a try, sign up at leopay.eu.

      open an account with LeoPay

    Having second thoughts? See what our customers say about us on Trust Pilot:


    “Great support and service for last two years, I hope that LeoPay will keep performing like this in future. Thank you for everything”M.

    I would like LeoPay 10 STARS. They are the TOP notch, the real McCoy.
    As being total nube in the online banking environment I have quizzes verifying and managing my account. But my online JEDIES walked me step by step through the business success. 
    My online banking WARRIORS helped me to understand and use all functionality of in the account. WOW! I am more than impressed to find out so many helpful and useful options tips and tricks that now are Making my business life EASIER. 
    Working with them I just discovered a HIDDEN GEM – not chat-bots but REAL people. People, that are replying to my email and picking up to phone almost instantly. This makes me feel not just like experiencing a good service, however, I felt somehow warm, I felt a HUMAN touch. 
    Looking FORWARD guys.” – N. P.

    “All works flawlessly well! I’m surprised this company that I haven’t heard before, works so smooth and fast! Great job and please keep it up!”G.

    “Fantastic support and reliable service, I am using them for 3 years and I am totally happy with the service
    I recommend!” – C. T. M.